Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Get to Know the Cast of BODY LANGUAGE!

Our Associate Artistic Director, Sarah Shahinian, was able to snag some "fun facts" from the cast of BODY LANGUAGE (Lucy Owen, Jeb Kreager, Christian Campbell, Mary Jo Mecca, Tim Barker, and Daniel Damiano) in between the sound cues and stage lights of tech rehearsals. Here's some snippets of conversation from backstage:

SARAH: Who's your favorite cartoon character?
LUCY: Ren!!! (and Stimpy...)
JEB: Wile E. Coyote
MARY JO: Foghorn Leghorn!!! "I say, I say, I say..."
CHRISTIAN: Who's the chick from Roger Rabbit? (SARAH: You mean JESSICA Rabbit?) Jessica F***in' Rabbit! She was hot...
DANIEL: Homer Simpson
TIM: Fred Flinstone

SARAH: If you could have a conversation with anyone alive or dead, who would it be?
JEB: Babe Ruth.
MARY JO: My Dad.
DANIEL: My Grandfather... or Arthur Miller.
TIM: My Uncle George.
LUCY:  Leni Riefenstahl.
CHRISTIAN: Bill Hicks. He lived in my building way back and I wanna ask him if he installed that terrible carpet.

SARAH: What's your favorite midnight snack?
CHRISTIAN: I don't do that...
TIM: Popcorn.
LUCY: Chips. Duh. Any kind of chips.
JEB: Cereal.
MARY JO: I dunno... What can't I pass up? Swedish Fish.
DANIEL: Peanut Butter (SARAH: On..?) on a butter knife.

SARAH: What's your dream role?
MARY JO: Mamma Rose.
JEB: Lopakhin. The Cherry Orchard.
DANIEL: Thomas Stockman in Enemy of the People.
LUCY: Alma. Summer and Smoke.
CHRISTIAN: Jessica Rabbit. In the musical of Roger Rabbit. Producers, are you listening???
TIM: I haven't played it yet...

SARAH: Who is your hero?

DANIEL: John Cassavettes
MARY JO: My Mom.
TIM: My Dad.
JEB: Bill Hicks. And I answered before Christian.
LUCY: All the women in my life.
CHRISTIAN: L. Ron Hubbard... no no no Joseph Smith.... no no no Frank Abagnale, Jr... I just got a thing for con-men.

SARAH: What's your guilty pleasure?
MARY JO: No guilt, all pleasure.
DANIEL: "Forensic Files"... and "Snapped" on Oxygen...
CHRISTIAN: Pleasuring guiltily.
JEB: Clothes.
LUCY: Chips. (JEB: Chips can't be your answer for everything!)
TIM: "Dance Moms"

SARAH: If you could live in any time period of history, what would it be?

TIM: I'm pretty happy with right now.
LUCY: La Belle Epoque
JEB: I would've loved to been in college during the late 60s.
DANIEL: I would prefer the time when the music and the movies were better. So the 60s or 70s.
CHRISTIAN: The Roarin' 20s baby!!! Girls were just starting to loosen up, money was flowing, and I look great in a tux.
MARY JO: Oh, definitely the 1940s. (CHRISTIAN: Why, because of World War II?) No, because I'm built for it!

SARAH: Do you have any hidden talents?

JEB: Dialects.
DANIEL: Cooking.
TIM: My double jointed thumbs
LUCY: I make amazing salad dressing from scratch. I kill it.
CHRISTIAN: Subterfuge. (SARAH: What???) Exactly.
MARY JO: I just texted my childhood best friend and she responded "insight" (CHRISTIAN: That's a damn good friend!)

SARAH: Why should people come see BODY LANGUAGE?

JEB: Because people should see new plays. And this is a good one.
LUCY: Because it is dangerous and compassionate. It’s exciting and heartbreaking. I think.
CHRISTIAN: Because it was laugh-out-loud funny when I read it… but now I think Nathaniel [the director] is taking it in a different direction.
DANIEL: Because it's moving. And not the "bowel" sense.
MARY JO: To see Christian Campbell live and in the flesh. And I mean FLESH!
TIM: Because it’s a new playwright, and a new voice. A sista who’s got something to say. (MECCA: What??? She ain’t a sista - she’s Italian!)

BODY LANGUAGE begins this Friday, May 25th, at the WorkShop Theater, 312 36th St, 4th floor. Come spend some time with these fascinating folks... and see what their Body Language has to say!

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

An Interview with BODY LANGUAGE playwright Jennie Contuzzi!

Hey Active Fans! We are currently in rehearsals for BODY LANGUAGE by Jennie Contuzzi, opening May 25th. If you wanna know more about the playwright, click here to check out a blog interview she recently did! And come check out the show May 25th - June 10th!